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From: Anselm R. Garbe <arg_AT_suckless.org>
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 10:52:05 +0100

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Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 10:49:04 +0100
From: "Anselm R. Garbe" <arg_AT_suckless.org>
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Subject: Re: dwm + java
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Hi Sander,

actually you tell me the last non-fixed annoyance in dwm ;)
I'm not sure if it's really a dwm fault, but if other WMs work
well with those apps it seems to be. Actually the only parts of
dwm which might be responsible for it are:


My intuiotion tells me, that it is related to configurerquest or
resize, because I doubt the code used in manage has any impact
on it...

So what's the difference to those WMs which are known to work
fine (like wmii for instance) - to me it is, that clients are
not reparented with a frame window (afaik even evilwm creates
frame windows, and also larswm). However conforming to ICCCM
assuming a frame window is not valid for X applications. And
this could be checked easily with running those Java apps
without a WM - do they work in such a situation? If not, we can
conclude it's not dwm's fault.

When I recently investigated into this issue due to googling
around for 'MToolkit' - I found various bug reports in several
apps, not dwm-related but somehow Java-oddity related, so I'm
not sure if those Java morns only test their stuff with Gnome or
KDE, or if they also test their stuff without a WM at all...


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