Re: [dwm] openoffice2.0.4 Fedora 6 x86_64 rpm menus

From: David Tweed <>
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 12:44:29 +0000 (GMT)

rumpel wrote |i'm using ooffice-2.0.4 and it's not written in java (or my linux can |make strange thinks without a jre :D) |with ooffice-2.0.4 it works fine. Thanks to you & Matthew Burstein for clarifying that menus work normally for you. I'm using the Fedora Core 5 with FC-5 x86-64 rpm of open office (v 2.0.2) at work with personalised dwm-2.3 and menus work as expected. At home I'm using Fedora Core 6 with FC-6 x86-64 rpm of open office (v 2.0.4, not 2.0.3 as erronenously stated earlier) with same personalised dwm-2.3. In a window manager like kwin menus appear as expected. In dwm, the menus (for all programs in the open office suite) appear in the very bottom right of the _screen_ (even if there are other clients so that the bottom-right screen corner doesn't lie with the open office application's window). This behaviour is totally consistent (ie, every menu does that). Tried to do an xprop on the menu to see if there was any strangely set fields, but it "couldn't grab mouse pointer". Anyway, I think I'll try and install a new version of open office from scratch. Only if the problem _doesn't_ go away will I post a follow up. cheers, dave tweed 2006/12/6, David Tweed <>: > Hi, before I dig deeper into this: has anyone used ooimpress (open office presentation tool) in open-office under dwm (personalised version of 2.3) and seen that when you mouse button down on a drop-down-menu in tool bar (eg, file, view, help) the menu appears not in normal position but in very bottom-right corner of the ooimpress window? I gather open office uses java: does menu's appearing the wrong place sound like some known java toolkit issue? > > Anyway, if it's not known I'll try and poke around and give proper bug report, > > cheers, dave tweed > > > > > Send instant messages to your online friends > > Send instant messages to your online friends
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