Re: [dwm] dwm-2.6 / dmenu-1.6

From: Christian Garbs <>
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 21:12:56 +0100

On Thu, Dec 07, 2006 at 02:59:25PM +0100, Anselm R. Garbe wrote:

> Both only contain some code cleanups and now support your locale
> out of the box (e.g. UTF-8 support is known to work now).

Great! Finally UTF-8 support!

My font is -misc-fixed-medium-r-*-*-13-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
Umlauts work fine for me, but I had problems with Japanese Characters
(wide chars).

The attached patch fixed this for me. It now allows even Japanese
Kana and Kanji to be displayed in the title bar (e.g. when surfing to


PS: My patchset at will be
    updated over the weekend.

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