[dwm] Alternative bottom stack patch (for 2.7).

From: Antoni Grzymala <antoni_AT_chopin.edu.pl>
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 15:22:27 +0100


a friend of mine wrote an alternative bottom stack patch for dwm
(currently included for 2.7) that differs from Ross Mohn's "Bottom Stack
Layout" patch in the way that it doesn't create pancake-like flat
windows layed on top of one another but rather a number of windows side
by side this way:

| |

We consider this layout far more usable, especially on widescreen
displays which are getting more and more popular.

This code is based mostly on Ross'es code, it's simplified in the way,
that there's no way to move the stack to the left side of the screen. We
don't think it's worth the extra code.

Also there's a simple feature added that make all tags (-1) visible when
leaving dwm -- a useful feature for those who quit dwm in a hurry
leaving some clients invisible and running.

Hope some of you find it useful,



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