Re: [dwm] dwm/dmenu how to use?

From: Bryan <>
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 21:56:35 +0000

Other uses for dmenu that I have come up with... entering remind events
( by doing
something like:

MSG=`dmenu -p "Enter reminder text:"
DATE=`dmenu -p "Enter date:"
DATE=`date --date "$DATE" '+%b %d %Y'`
echo REM $DATE MSG $MSG >> ~/.reminders

Note that dmenu fails without stdin, but if this script is run via
xbindkeys it for some reason works (???) but you could echo | dmenu too.

Showing timezones:

CA=`TZ=America/Los_Angeles date +%r`
NY=`TZ=America/New_York date +%r`
GB=`TZ=GB date +%r`
CN=`TZ=Asia/Shanghai date +%r'

echo -e "california $CA\nnew york $NY\nengland $GB\nchina $CN" | dmenu

Then I bind this to Alt-N, hit it, start typing the place, it shows the
time :)

Note these are simplified versions of the scripts I used which I typed
by hand so there may be mistakes.

dmenu seems like a great way of scripting things, especially since it
integrates so well with dwm. It's much better than zenity etc. It
displays texts or menus; what else do you need?

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