Re: [dwm] new windows on slave area

From: Philipp Neubeck <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 09:14:05 +0100

On Thu, 18 Jan 2007 21:50:49 +0000
Tener Hades <> wrote:

> > I like this idea too. Most of the time, any second window I open in a
> > view is of lesser overall importance than the master (even if it is
> > momentarily my focus of attention) - I'd rather have it appear in the
> > slave column than causing the master to move and resize (not everything
> > resizes as cleanly as I'd like).

Just a random idea:
What about inserting new windows before or after the currently focused window? That is, if you focused the window in the master column, the new window will replace the old one in the master column.
But if you focus the top most window in the slave column the new window would be placed on top of the slave stack and the master column will never be touched.


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