Re: [dwm] append window patch - reloaded

From: Tener Hades <>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 14:06:11 +0000

On Mon, Feb 05, 2007 at 02:14:15AM +0100, pancake wrote:
> I've redesigned the append-window patch to use the grid-patch way instead of
> adding a new toggle and keybinding.
> - The new patch does not creates the 'apwl' global variable.
> - Implements a new symbol (doappend())
> Using the META-space key you'll cycle between dotile, doappend and dofloat modes.
> What do you think about this patch?

I've had a couple of ideas for this patch along the way as well. As some
others have suggested, why not insert new clients before and after the
current client? I started writing this using a new global called `insw'
for "insert window", as "append window" would be out-of-date for this, in
dwm-3.1. I've not returned to working on it for a few reasons:

 - It would add even more symbols. The basic idea was to have, instead of
   a toggle, a scroll among "[<-]=" for prepend stack, "[<]=" for prepend
   current, "[>]=" for append current, and "[->]=" for append stack. Of
   course, the symbols would be modifiable. The order in which the modes
   would be scrolled would be modifiable as well using modulos division
   in append().

 - In favor of people's rather non-default configs that I've been seeing
   recently (plus grid mode itself), I think I'd like to keep a toggle.
   But instead of defining new symbols (and especially cycling through
   them using MODKEY + space), I'd like to see the mode symbol unfilled,
   as it always is in mainstream, for prepending the stack and filled for
   the functionality of this patch.

I had another idea while I was reading that config.default.h thread...
Hmm.. maybe i'll come up with it again later..

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