Re: [dwm] tagging vs stereo

From: Tony Lainson <>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 22:16:59 +1100

> I also notice that I rarely use the tagging capabilities dwm
> provides, and that I more and more stick to two views only (one with
> web stuff, and another one with terminals). So I developed a
> window organization approach tonight, which I call 'stereo',
> because it consists of two kinds of windows - currently viewed
> ones, and not-viewed ones.

I don't really use tagging either (no client ever has more than one
tag), but I'd like more than two views, so for some time I've been
planning to write a window manager based on dwm that has a *stack* of
workspaces. I imagine that most of the time I'd only be switching
between two or so, but I'd have others containing things I mean to do
later. If I get distraced while working or browsing the web, I push a
new workspace onto the tab for the distraction and come back to what I
was doing later (by popping the workspaces above it as I finish with

Since I have a relatively small screen though, I'd probably display
the clients in a "workspace" tabbed (as in ion) or stacked (as in
wmii), making my stack 2-dimensional (or maybe even more!).

Anyway I haven't got around to thinking it through yet, but I just
thought I'd mention it, since it seems to me that something a bit more
generalised than stereowm (which btw is a beautiful concept) might
suit me and some other people better.


PS: sorry if the formatting's yucky - I've temporarily been reduced to
using google's webmail interface and don't know what to expect. Also I
feel kind of light-headed so I wouldn't be surprised if what I've
written doesn't make any sense.
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