Re: [dwm] sic with bitlbee

From: David Guibert <>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 16:18:53 +0100

On 2/12/07, Matthias Diener <> wrote:
> Hi Michael, Hi all,
> Bitlbee uses "&bitlbee" for the main channel. I don't know if the current
> version of sic supports another channel prefix than '#'..

yes, it is.

> I did a porting or call it specialisation of sic, because I wanted to
> use it with bitlbee. I added some features for simple usage on the
> bitlbee server and the client will do an automatic logon to "&bitlbee"
> control channel.
> You can find this sic variant "sim" on
> I try to keep sim adjusted to the sic "hg tip" but I'm on a trip at the
> Moment, so the last adjustment on sic sources is version "0.7".
> sim is no patchset of sic, so you can use it on it's own.

A simple script like this is enough:

mkfifo $server
echo ":s &bitlbee" > $server &
echo ":m &bitlbee identify <your_id>" >$server &

cat - > $server | sic -h $server < $server
rm $server

best regards
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