Re: [dwm] dzen-0.3

From: Julian Romero <>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 14:55:43 +0100

On 2/19/07, Robert Manea <> wrote:
> Thanks for reporting this issue. I guess I found the error regarding
> those extra characters. As for the "V over T" use 'echo -n "..."', in
> other words don't use newlines.
> I'm not sure if it would make sense to strip the newlines from the
> string. Probably the user should take care of this.
> The bugfixed version can be found here:
> This version works for me.

A suggestion: accept standard -geometry parameter to position/size the
message. As an alternative we can use symbolic position/size: -topleft,
-topcenter...-big, -small

A wish: add icons to the left (or right) of the message. Like: "uptime |
dzen -info" to show a predefined icon near the message. I guess this can be
done in a external script using xsetbg (or the like) and then dzen...

I missed this kind of program too :)

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