Re: [dwm] dzen-0.3

From: Robert Manea <>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 23:25:18 +0100

* Anselm R. Garbe ( wrote:


> If I were you, I'd remove all this timeout crap from dzen, and
> let it appear as long as input is written (like in dwm). You
> could then use the shell for timeouts instead and you dzen would
> be useful as a status area replacement as well. I think the
> following shell lines would do the timeout trick:
> [...]

I think thats a good idea as it makes things simple and even more

I modified the code as described above and added the possibility to have
any number of 'dzen' instances running stacked on each other, while the
most recent one is on the top of the stack.

The new release can be found here:

> Regards,
Bye, Rob

P.S. : Look at the README, quite a lot has changed.

P.P.S: I'll test this version and if it is a stayer i'll add a geometry
       option and maybe a progress bar
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