[dwm] Minor bug: fullscreen apps keeping their border

From: Tony Lainson <t.lainson_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 22:29:34 +1000


When floating, requests from clients to cover the whole screen are
supposed to be honoured, and their borders aren't supposed to get in the
way. That's my understanding, anyway. However:


When Firefox is floating and I switch it to fullscreen mode (by pressing
F11), the border remains [1] until I move the window with my mouse,
whereupon it disappears.

[1]: http://users.on.net/~panaceid/dwm-bug/firefox.png (notice how the
right and bottom edges have been cut off)

works: tile layout, c->isfloating False
        (no change)
BROKEN: tile layout, c->isfloating True
BROKEN: floating layout, c->isfloating False
BROKEN: floating layout, c->isfloating True


The same problem (border displacing the window) can be seen [2] with
MPlayer, but triggering it is a little more complicated.

[2]: http://users.on.net/~panaceid/dwm-bug/mplayer.png

works: tile layout, config.h rule floating mplayer windows
BROKEN: floating layout, config.h rule floating mplayer windows
        (this is the only (slightly) annoying aspect of the bug)
BROKEN: tile layout, NO config.h rule
        (SOMETIMES *FULLSCREEN* when started with -fs option - race?)
BROKEN: floating layout, NO config.h rule
        (SOMETIMES works when started with -fs option - race?)


A couple of observations: firefox doesn't set any interesting hints, and
mplayer seems to unmap and remap the window or something when
fullscreen-toggled (tag *and isfloating* data get reset).

An old but relevant changeset:

I'd spend a bit longer reading through the code to find out what's
wrong, but I'm probably too inexperienced and lazy to get anywhere.

Tony Lainson
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