[dwm] pvc version control system

From: pancake <pancake_AT_youterm.com>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 19:38:59 +0200

I am writing a version control system designed to be small, portable, powerful and
distributed taking ideas from GIT, HG and GNUARCH. It is on a very early age, but
all the basic functionalities are implemented. I'm planning to write a CGI frontend
using HTTP::Server::Simpler to avoid carrying with apache like hg does with 'hg server'.

Another feature that I'm planning to do is a perl-fuse frontend.

It support hooks, leaf (files) versioning, tree versioning, lands (like branches), and
gives you a complete control over the whole repository data like re-editing commits,
overwriting leaf revisions, undo/redo actions, etc.

I started writing it one week ago and I think that now is almost stable for a first
release. I think it could interest some of you because of the possibilities and how
it is designed (~700 lines of perl).

The database is stored as is, in plain text files, so it's big, but gives you a complete
control over it. You can use fuse-tarfs to use a compressed repository.

NOTE it needs some testing before using it in a production environment, but at the moment
i think is a very interesting toy for playing with.

Documentation and manpage is embedded into the same script written in POD. Take a look:



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