Re: [dwm] dwm-4.0 / dmenu-3.0

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 11:13:58 +0200

On Thu, Apr 19, 2007 at 03:29:52PM +0200, Tuncer Ayaz wrote:
> FYI, Firefox's F11 mode did work in my setup without the
> newest border changes. Just in case you did not know.
> As fullscreen is much more important for MPlayer than it
> is for Firefox I can of course live with the current
> solution.

Well it worked in my setup as well, however you will notice that
firefox prints north-west 1px-border, and south-east border is
offscreen in floating mode. But this is not a dwm bug, because
firefox accepts the 1px-border dwm sets, but ignores this fact
and requests itself being resized to fullscreen (hence the
client area is shifted one pixel east- and southwards.

But that's not all about firefox. It behaves totally incompliant
if you setup its window adjacent to another tiled window when
attempting to make it fullscreen. Then firefox resizes its
client window pixmap according the size it requested without
handling/waiting for the response of the (d)WM properly (which
sends a synthetic configure notify to inform the firefox that
its request has been ignored). firefox' fullscreen mode works
if you resize the firefox window to a different size however
during fullscreen mode. So, there seems to be code in firefox
which behaves correct, however in several situations firefox
makes wrong assumptions. Those are:

- it assumes that the WM does not set a different window border
  than requested at creation time (firefox requests 0px, but dwm
  sets it to 1px)
- it does not respects the response of a configure request
  correctly if firefox attempts to enter fullscreen mode and
  if the window manager decides that it won't resize the firefox
  + related to this, firefox does not takes care of the
    border_width value of its window, which might have been
    changed by the window manager


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