[dwm] a few problems with dwm tip and mplayer

From: Geoffroy Carrier <geoffroy.carrier_AT_sitlib.org>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 12:54:18 +0200


I have a few problems with mplayer, using tip.
How you should be able to reproduce them:

 - Resize mplayer (MODKEY+right clic), move the pointer at the top and
   right of the top-left corner of its window. It takes the aspect of a
   few-pixel-high large rectangle.
 - Use BORDERPX=2, put mplayer in fullscreen mode (f key). The left and
   top parts of the border stay visible.
 - Maximize mplayer's window using MODKEY+m, with a 1920x1200 screen,
   monitorsaspect=16:10 in .mplayer/config, while playing a 4:3 movie.
   Its window is higher than the screen, and less large.

   i.e. (with a squared font):
   |VSVSV|SS| V video
   |VSVSV|SS| S screen

Geoffroy Carrier
Received on Fri May 11 2007 - 12:54:20 UTC

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