Re: [dwm] Monocle patch for dwm-4.2

From: Anydot <>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 00:14:35 +0200

On (02/06/07 23:55), Anydot wrote:
> I know this problem for a long time, but this is not easily solvable. If
> every windows which is visible&&!focused && !floating is banned too,
> the focus() MUST be changed too, to unban focused window, this is imho
> the best solution. Other solution is not calling restack() and do some

This is not solution too, because if we focus enought window in turn,
the blinking will be back. So in focus, the old selected window must be
banned if lt==monocle && !c->isfloating && c != previous selected
client. And this is very very DIRTY HACK

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