Re: [dwm] focus changes

From: pancake <>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 02:28:53 +0200

> No, this is not dwm related, but X reports enter/focusin
> events to the client windows, so this is the reason why those
> clients draw themselve looking like accepting input during a
> glance - but this is only until dwm focuses the right client.

Does dwm can get the focused window by the pointer and switch to
it directly? this will fix some issues like when you click on the
roster list and the window gets focus (at x11 level), but dwm does
not changes the focused window.

This can be assumed as a bug or a feature :)
> (I know that one could grab the server, but this sucks - in
> usual situations this is a no issue, so there won't be a
> change.)

Yup. maybe.

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