Re: [dwm] Monocle patch for dwm-4.2

From: Szabolcs Nagy <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 18:54:16 +0200

> > We can use XRaiseWindow for floating windows and:
> >
> > XWindowChanges wc;
> > wc.sibling = barwin;
> > wc.stack_mode = Below;
> > XConfigureWindow(dpy, c->win, CWSibling | CWStackMode, &wc);

i had a little time to look into it so i tried your restackless patch again
the only problem occvures in floating mode, when clients are reordered
floating clients can get behind tiled ones

to solve this i added raisefloating() which is called in every tiled
lt->arrange to make sure floats are on top (it's like restack but only
operates on c->isfloating clients)

not the best solution as now i have raisefocused() and raisefloating()
as well, but no flickering with monocle and the old floating behaviour
is preserved.

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