[dwm] [dzen] keyboard control & dynamic color support

From: Robert Manea <rob.manea_AT_googlemail.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 13:41:50 +0200


if anyone would like to give dynamic color support and keyboard control
in dzen a try should checkout svn trunk:

svn checkout http://dzen.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ dzen

* Keyboard support:

  add the keys to action bindings like this:

  -e 'key_Escape=exit;key_j=scrolldown;key_k=scrollup'

  The part after 'key_' corresponds to keysymdef.h (the part after

  Two new actions were introduced "grabkeys" and "ungrabkeys", useful in
  combination with the "onstart" event in order to let dzen grab the
  keyboard right after startup.

* Dynamic color support:

  pipe lines like the following to dzen:

  echo "^#cc11ffTEXTTOBECOLOREDHERE" | ./dzen2 -p

  For a quick test use this:
  {echo title; sleep 1; echo "^#cc11fffooooo"; \
   sleep 1; echo "^#ddaaffbaaaaar"; sleep 1; \
   echo defaultcolor; sleep 1; echo "^#23dca1someothercolor"} | \
   dzen2 -p -bg black -l 8

There is a known off by one problem in menu mode with coloring otherwise
it should work ok.

Ideas and suggestions welcome.

Bye, Rob.
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