[dwm] dpanel: keyboard friendly frontend using dmenu

From: pancake <pancake_AT_youterm.com>
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 00:05:59 +0200

I have been playing a bit with perl and dmenu and got some nice results :)

I have configured my dwm to run dpanel when pressing META+o:

   { MODKEY, XK_o, spawn, "exec perl ~/prg/dpanel.pl" }, \

dpanel is configured in ~/.dpanel.conf or modifying the source code that brings some wrappers
for dmenu and command executions:

  $foo = dmenu(("foo","bar","cow"));

This way if you define a new command you just have to do this in .dpanel.conf:

   push @commands, "top";
   my $top = "$xterm -e 'top'"

By default (my configuration) provides commands for:

 * compose a mail
 * handle an agenda (own format (tab separated values with aliases)
 * receive mail (fetch mail)
 * run url in browser (support for firefox's history autocompletion)
 * search in google
 * lock x windows
 * play music
 * run audio mixer
 * run ssh command
 * enter into a scratchbox shell
 * make a screenshot
 * take notes
 * basic wireless network setup (linux only, plain/wep)
 * receive files via obex bluetooth
 * enter irc or jabber
 * shutdown computer
 * ...

Will be really easy to add functionalities like VCARD generation
or alarm scheduling with dzen2 and remind. Feel free to discuss your
patches, ideas, etc...

Have fun!


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