Re: [dwm] X paste support for dmenu?

From: Marek Bernat <>
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 10:26:16 +0200

Do I understand you corrertly that you want, for example, open files with
Doesn't there exist MIME types and associated programs to specifically
address this issue? Moreover you wouldn't have to write in 'gimp' to open
the image. Same with other programs.
You see, I am not saying that there is no possible usecase, but I cannot
think of anything that wouldn't be handled already and better. Including
your _only_ example.

That's why I said it's useless. Some ideas just are. I do not see anything
offending at pointing that out. No harm meant :-)

On 6/17/07, Antoni Grzymala <> wrote:
> Tako rzecze Marek Bernat (w e-mailu datowanym 2007-06-17, 01:14):
> > My imagination is not limited, you do not have to offend me, thank
> > you ;-)
> Surely not, but I find calling that particular idea "such a useless" one
> just as offending, and not very much at that. Anyway, this is not the
> place to discuss that further.
> > It is just that to run xterm, you probably won't go searching for
> > text 'xterm' in browser or in other app. Detto with other programs.
> No, I did *not* suggest selecting xterm and feeding that into dmenu for
> execution via the X clipboard.
> > That argument thing of yours doesn't sound very useful also. Can you
> > give a more concrete example?
> I wouldn't say it was „also" something, as it was my main argument. I'll
> give you an inconcrete example. Say, I want to run application X with
> argument Y and I happen to have the argument in my clipboard and I don't
> want to start a terminal (or use an applications possibly horribly
> useless GUI) to feed the app the argument. I run dmenu, select an app,
> shift-ins the argument. Do you really think this is useless or
> improbable? Do I need to open a terminal, write
> $ gimp /whatever/path &
> then close the terminal, when it could be done via dmenu? This sucks
> more.
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