Re: [dwm] next_client, prev_client (basic alt-tab, shift-alt-tab)

From: Zafer ARICAN <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 14:37:51 +0200

I use the zoom function frequently too. However, I also want to "put the
next (or previous)
client in the master tile" and these functions aim this. Thanks for the

btw, a small bugfix for the previous code:

please change

leak(Client **c){
    Client *dum;
    for(dum = clients; dum->next; dum = dum->next);
    *c = dum;


pull_from_bottom(Client **c){
    Client *dum;
    for(dum = clients; nexttiled(dum->next); dum = nexttiled(dum->next));
    *c = dum;


On Wed, 27 Jun 2007 14:22:41 +0200, Sander van Dijk
<> wrote:

> On 6/27/07, Zafer ARICAN <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I propose these two functions to switch among clients. These functions
>> are
>> similar to zoom function but they eliminate the dead loop between first
>> and second clients in the case of repetitive zoom calls. next_client
> That "dead loop" is intentional. "Zoom" means "put the selected client
> in the master tile". The only exception to this is when you try to
> zoom the client that is already in the master tile: in that case it
> gets swapped with the top client in the slave area, which allows the
> user to quickly switch between the two most used clients, which is
> often quite useful (larswm does it this way too btw).
> Greetings, Sander.

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