Re: [dwm] Subtle - a new tiling WM

From: Donald Bruce Stewart <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 18:10:46 +1000

> On 6/28/07, Tuncer Ayaz <> wrote:
> >On 6/27/07, Frank Boehme <> wrote:
> >>
> >1) are all functions keyboard controllable?
> from the site:
> "Client or even tiling windows can be moved/dragged into a tile and
> will be arranged according to the tile type. Every window can be
> swapped too and shaded inside of it's parent tile."
> imho it means it's drag 'n drop with mouse
> >2) all the visualization of what type a window/frame is and the
> >"buttons" which can be clicked seem to be waste of screen
> >real estate to me
> well it's a different approach, for dragging you need to be able to
> grab the window somewhere
> i haven't tried it but the code seems simple (except the autotools
> build system) also the statusbar is scriptable from lua, which is not
> as elegant or unixish solution as the stdin in dwm

Given dzen, would there be any motivation to remove the wired in status
bar from dwm, and just use an external program for this? That'd be even
more unixy, leaving the window manager with just one job to do, not two.
Something like:

    dzen < pipe &
    dwm > pipe

-- Don
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