Re: [dwm] Subtle - a new tiling WM

From: Christoph Kappel <>
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 19:28:47 +0200


as author of subtle I was really surprised by the mention here. Actually I
just heard about this thread by coincidence. Now to answer the things that
were asked:

subtle has a different approach of placing the windows, so it isn't planned to
disable the decorations of the windows although there are defineable key
bindings. There are enough tiling window managers that do this kind really
well - easy to guess which one you prefer. In the current svn snapshot there
are some bindings already - more will follow shortly.

Maybe the way of the statusbar scripts isn't as unixish in your words as dzen,
but it's never said that you are forced to use it. It's well integrated
inside of the wm's event loop but other programs should work as well. Extra
communication can be done via ICCCM.

There is no mailing list yet, but if you have any further questions just ask
or use the other ways stated on the project page.


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