[dwm] porting dwm to w32 and plan9

From: pancake <pancake_AT_youterm.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 18:09:18 +0200

I was thinking about the possibility to port (mostly rewrite) dwm
to other graphical environments like the plan9 or the w32 one.

I'm not very familiar with w32 internals or plan9 ones, but reading
a bit about p9 internals and w32 will be relatively easy to do.

I was thinking about dwm, because it's extremely simple, lightweight
and functional. And I love it :)

There's a blackbox port to w32 and the source looks not very hard to
read, but w32 is not a developer-friendly environment and I hate that,
but i have to use it at work. i have no chance. :(

The plan9 approach looks simpler, so every graphical operation is
translated into /dev/cons, /dev/draw and /dev/window. Just reading
and writing from these devices. Reading the source of 'rio' will be
relatively easy to do it. (plan9 is wonderful, but i really hate to
use the mouse for every window-related op).

Currently i have not much time for this, but if anyone is interested
on this I can help as a coder and tester.

PD: I have found a tiling window manager for windows (but closed source)

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