Re: [dwm] layout state per workspace?

From: Donald Bruce Stewart <>
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 23:33:31 +1000

> And what happens when my xterm window is tagged with "3"(tiled) and
> "6"(floating)? What happens when I'm viewing tags 1+3+6? Is xterm
> tiled or floating? If it's floating on 6 and tiled on 3, and I switch
> to 3, where in the stack does xterm go? When I switch to 6, does it
> remember its previous floating geometry or just remain whatever
> size/place it was last tiled?
> There is no way to code this without having it degenerate into
> semi-random positional annoyances. That's why dwm-mitch reverts to
> the workspace paradigm.

The pain of tagging and Xinerama was why xmonad reverts to the workspace
model too, fwiw (and gains an obvious per-workspace layout notion).

-- Don
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