Re: [dwm] {V,H}RATIO

From: Marek Bernat <>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 13:42:09 +0200

it is true, that I use dwm tiled layout only for handling my terminals.
Everywhere else it doesn't feel good, so I usually use either floating mode
or else just one client per tag.

Now, you guys made me interested in screen and if I switch to it for console
handling, I won't need the tile layout at all!
That is certainly an interesting progress in using this _tiled_ window
manager :-)

Regards, Marek

I've read about the vertical patch, but I am not sure, whetr

On 8/10/07, markus schnalke <> wrote:
> Antoni Grzymala <> wrote:
> > For those of you guys, who use nmaster for having two terminal windows
> > one above the other just use screen(1)'s split function. It's very
> > practical and so much simpler than fiddling with nmaster and trying to
> > get correct windows where intended.
> Right!
> I use GNU screen for about 1/3 of the window managing stuff
> __
> May I remind you to keep dwm simple.
> I read the mailinglist constantly although I still use dwm-3.5. And I
> can tell you, that some of the features that were discussed in the last
> weeks are a bit confusing for people who don't use them.
> (Wasn't there someone who said, that features that are not simple to
> describe should be removed?)
> Okay, this certainly has to do with the fact that I only use max-layout
> and mostly terms with screen. (And only 2 workspace-like tags to toggle)
> So I don't use most of the dwm features and I don't need them ...
> perhaps some features are really not important at all?!
> just what I wanted to say about how I felt by following the discussion
> markus
> (for myself this all makes no big difference, I'll use my setup anyway)
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