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From: pancake <pancake_AT_youterm.com>
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 20:50:55 +0200

I have written a gallery system using imagemagick commandline tools
in perl and php (i would like to make't in pure shellscript that perl
and php are nice langs for doing dirty jobs). So this could change in
the future.

Theming support is not yet done, but I expect to write something like
layouts extending this with external files dropped on a directory.

Here's my gallery:


Maybe I will rewrite the php file into a perl cgi or a shellscript cgi
in a near future. So, atm, php is quite simple to make't run.

The usage is:

$ tg
Usage: tg [command [arguments]

tg ls list all files of the current category
tg rm [files] removes files of the current category
tg cat [category] list all categories or select one
tg add [files] add imagesto the
tg dump [path] dump a category into a directory
tg info show info of the current gallery
tg gallery [path] set path for root gallery
tg thumb [image] sets a thumbnail image for the category
tg msg [description] change a description for a category
tg pass [password] sets a password for a category ('-' to remove)
tg push [rsync-to] syncs current gallery to remote directory
tg pull [rsync-from] pull a gallery from a remote directory
tg version shows version information

Files: ~/.tg-gallery ~/.tg-category ~/.tg-remote

it's really similar to a version control system, so it's an storage
management tool for images.

I have created some keybindings on gqview (preferences->edit commands),
and now it's pretty simple to manage my pictures.

^1 - rotate counterclockwise
^2 - rotate clockwise
^3 - add picture to current category
^4 - remove picture from current category
^5 - change category
^6 - change password and description for current category

Commands are pretty simple, and easy to understand, and finally you can
just setup a remote rsync address to sync your local gallery into a remote

You don't need to have the whole gallery in local to sync pictures remotely
and this can allow multiple users having their own galleries easily.

GUI frontends can be done with zenity or gtkdialog.

Feel free to comment your ideas. To download:


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