[dwm] GNU screen-like workflow suggestion for dwm.

From: Antoni Grzymala <antoni_AT_chopin.edu.pl>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 22:35:05 +0200

Dear gals and lads;

I have a little suggestion (for someone to turn into live code) that
would in my opinion ease working with tags greatly.

Let's say I'm viewing clients tagged 1 and 4 and I want to quickly
glance at tag 3. Then I want to get back to what I was doing with a
single keystroke. Say this would be mod-` in my case. So dwm should
remember last viewed tags before change and have a function (with a key
bound to it) to return. This way by pressing the key again I could
quickly swap between 1, 4 and 3 without remembering where I actually was

I use a similar workflow in GNU screen, where you swap between current
and last seen screen by double-pressing the screen escape key, instead
of searching or cycling. Quick and convenient.

Hope my explanation is clear. What do you think?


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