[dwm] floating lava layout

From: pancake <pancake_AT_youterm.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 23:44:48 +0200

Thinking about layouts and minicalistic eyecandy stuff I got the idea to
add motion and semi-tiling layout for the floating mode.

My idea tries to fix a little bit the usability problems of the floating
layout. IMHO this layout is ok as is, so it's simple. But you have to move
windows around with the mouse.

That's pretty ugly, and if you work with multiple windows like gimp it
results (more efficient than icewm f.ex) but it's easy to have stacked
windows on the same position losing its visibility and making you loss
time moving all the windows to try to find the hidden one. (or switch
between clients with the keyboard (not very nice with gimp).

My proposal is to be able to write a layout for the floating mode. Is
it possible now?

What I have in mind is something bigger and complex that may not fit dwm,
but can probably feed minds with new ideas for usability.

This "lava-layout" will tend on the fact that floating windows usually
have similar sizes during its life. Logging this information you can
get a list of sizes (storing the ~10 more significant) and cleaning up
this list.

This mode tiles the windows in a form that none of them can be overlapped,
but they can be resized or moved. When the corner of the window you're moving
collides with another one, this makes it move.

Adding two resizing points (top-left, bottom-right) for clients could be
interesting to test on floating mode, so, some times you have windows on
the right side of the screen and you want to resize them to the left.

Clients size should try to keep the aspect size of the list of the
previously stored.

Something like swap client's position if the overlap > 60% (for example)
would be cool too. (This is a feature of wmii I love when I was using it)

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