Re: [dwm] dwm_anydot_reload updated for dwm 4.4.1

From: Anydot <>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 21:26:25 +0200

It's better to use attached patch instead of that (in my eyes obsoloted
and deprecated patch :)

usage is simple, for quit bind 2 keys, one for quit(0) or quit(NULL) and
the second for something as quit(255). The change .Xsession to something

while :; do
while :; do
        echo place for statusbar thingies
        sleep 1
done | dwm || exit

but there are many posibilities with the return code, ie. is possible to
have restart dwm on exit(0); quit session with exit(255) and rerun with
other some other wm for any other return code.

(and another thing is that the patch is much more simple :)

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