Re: [dwm] Unused space between clients

From: Chris Webb <>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 15:47:37 +0100

Xavier <> writes:

> Previously, I had some weird corruptions at the place of this unused
> space. This only happened with urxvt though, not xterm. Not sure why..
> But I'm happier with urxvt anyway.

I've noticed this behaviour with urxvt when window size hints are being
over-ruled by dwm. Terminals certainly do look much nicer in tiled mode
when it does this, so it would be nice to fix urxvt to do the right
thing. Sometimes after resizing, when the window is 'cleared', the bottom
part line and/or rightmost part column doesn't clear, leading to the
corruptions you describe. Another manifestation is that focus tinting
doesn't properly affect the extra half line/column space at the bottom
and right of a resized window.

I wonder whether it would be easy to fix urxvt to 'round up' the area it
refreshes instead of 'rounding down' when there are partial rows and

Best wishes,

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