Re: [dwm] [PATCH] An experiment with X resources

From: Chris Webb <>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 09:54:05 +0100

"Anselm R. Garbe" <> writes:

> I don't see much benefit in this design, because you have to
> edit config.h anyways.

You edit config.h when you bind a keybinding to a general action ("launch
an xterm", say) but not when you change the command used to achieve that
action. I have just three spawn actions whose bindings are constant
across all my accounts and that I never change (xterm, browser, menu) but
I frequently tinker with the exact commands they run, and run different
commands on different displays---despite the fact those displays share a
dwm binary and a home directory.

I don't think there is a benefit for upstream dwm, which is why I
deliberately pulled spawn_command out of the posted patch. (As mentioned,
the code in its current state is unsatisfactory too, because it prevents
me from freeing the xrdb at the end of setup().) I brought it up more as
a follow on from your 'it won't last long'; it didn't! I'm glad I
mentioned it, though. The ~/.dwm/ approach that Kurt Maier posted is
a much nicer method of adding the indirection layer I wanted which fits
better with the overall dwm design. Thanks Kurt.


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