Re: [dwm] experimental release: dwm-rfigura

From: Robert Figura <>
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 19:12:38 +0100

pancake <> wrote:
> Here'r my shots:

Thanks for jumping in!

> - I'm starting to love the toggleplaced functionality

Nice to hear. Initially i was searching for a taskbar container. But it
is more and i think it's worth the complexity. Not sure wether i like
the touch-toggle behaviour though.

I also think lens should work on placed windows and focusnext needs
to be improved, better event handling... . It is really just a

> - there are some gaps if you play with the nmaster value.

Hinted layout is also far from perfect. Lots of space may be wasted.

> - would be nice to toggleplace with mouse
> - also to zoom/close with mouse at title bar (mouseontitle patch)

These should already be configurable via config.h / buttons[]. E.g.:

{ TITLE_BAR, 0, Button2, killclient, 0 },
{ TITLE_BAR, 0, Button3, zoom, 0 },

> - i miss the original dwm's setmwfact here.

Huh? I'm not aware i changed it. The placement has a similar setpwfact

Thank you for your comment. If i'm lucky i will have some time soon to
make some things proper. Maybe less dead links next time :^)

  - Robert Figura
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