Re: [dwm] dwm-4.7

From: Amit Uttamchandani <>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 13:21:37 -0800

> Hi there,
> I'm glad to announce the dwm-4.7 release, which can be
> obtained from:

Thank you so much for another wonderful release. Upgrading dwm is probably the simplest software upgrade I have ever performed!

> This release fixes the global focus acquiring bug by certain
> clients, eg. opera. It also includes an improved status input
> reading algorithm which has been contributed by Ritesh Kumar!

Status input reading algorithm? Can you provide some details? Or is there a mailing list thread that I can look at?

> Please keep in mind that this time the KEYS macro definition in
> config.h has been replaced with a more direct way, -- and that
> the tags definition should not be NULL-terminated anymore (this was
> already the case in dwm-4.6)!
> Many thanks to all contributors and users for your valueable
> feedback!

Congrats again!

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