Re: [dwm] [ANNOUNCE] dvtm-0.3

From: Christian Garbs <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 22:40:11 +0100

On Sat, Jan 12, 2008 at 06:44:32PM +0100, Marc Andre Tanner wrote:

> dvtm-0.3 is out


Here are some very low priority wishlist items (I can live fine
without them, but they might be interesting):

 * With xtermset -T it is possible to change the title of an xterm.
   dwm can read the title and display it in the bar. I use it when I
   ssh to another machines. Other programs (links for example) use
   this feature as well.
   Would it be possible so catch these title-changes and display them
   in the client title in dvtm?
   I guess it is some kind of escape-sequence that would have to be
   handled by madtty, but I really don't know how it works.

 * Programs like mutt and tin can (AFAIR) work under both utf8 and
   non-utf8 from a single binary. Perhaps it is possible to use this
   for dvtm, too?


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