Re: [dwm] mail notification again

From: Peter Vollmar <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 12:06:19 +0100 (CET)

On 10 Jan Jukka Salmi wrote:
> Hmm, is "Ubuntu Christian Edition" required to ship totally
> daemon-free?
> ;-)
I wouldn't know about that, actually I use Gentoo ;-)
But just to take you up on the "daemons", if you want to be free from
the real demons - those evil powers that control people's lives - you
need to be connected to the Supreme Power whose name is Jesus - for
further information see, ;-)

Anyway, to get back to the original subject, let me admit that I know
far less about Bash scripting than about the Bible! And realising that
this forum is run by very knowledgable software developers, I hope that
there is some room for ordinary computer users like myself who need some
help with the basics still.

So in short, I haven't been able to implement your "loop in a loop"
script in my .xinitrc, because I don't understand much of its syntax.
Can you please help me?

Here's your snippet again:

for (i=0; ; i=(i+1)%m) {
execute non-fetchmail commands
if (!i) execute fetchmail
sleep for n seconds

And this is my .xinitrc:

while true
echo `uptime | sed 's/.*,//'` `date +'%a %d %b %R'` `fetchmail -c
--sslproto tls |sed 's/(//'|awk '{print $1-$3}'`
sleep 2
done | dwm

Thanks a lot, Peter

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