Re: [dwm] cycling through tags?

From: markus schnalke <>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 12:48:43 +0100

Joerg van den Hoff <> wrote:
> definitely don't believe in configuring a window manager by
> editing the source code. at the very least, this seems to imply
> that one starts over and over again with each new release (or
> one has to verify that the config header default layout has not
> changed.

I upgrade dwm every half year or so. Normally there is no need for
users to follow the latest development.

> I would stil be in favour of some simple(-minded)
> configuration file of the keyword/value variety (or even activating
> this by a compile flag only, leaving the defaults defined in config.h).

What is the big difference between config.h and a .dwmrc?
If .dwmrc would be simple, then editing config.h is needed anyway.
(Applying patches is needed anyway.)
If .dwmrc would be complete, then it would be the same as config.h.

You sayed, that compling is not a problem.
And how often do you change your window manager configuration?

> that's no good if I'm actually "only" a user of a nice window manager
> who needs to get other things done.

So just take what vanilla-dwm offers you.
... or if you want more, then apply some patches.

I think configurating dwm does not take more time than configurating
other window managers (if you compare the same level of
configuration). But dwm offers you more possibility to adjust, so you
want to adjust more ...

Serving everybodys needs out of the box, is not the goal of dwm!
Being a small modifieable platform for enhancing is what dwm is for.

> if I look at the home page there a quite a few nice extensions to `dwm'
> which are tied to specific releases and are simply left behind while
> dwm is developed further. I think this is a pity.

dwm is community development. It's from developers for developers.
The available patches are just published personal extensions.

There is a special "community development spirit" behind the project.
In my eyes, this is the core of dwm.
Not an easy to use window manager, but a way to create "the best
possible" software.

hmm ... I was a bit hard in argumentation.
I don't want to keep new users quiet, not at all.

But I think it's important to learn and feel how dwm and suckless
works to understand why it is like it is.
Yes, every user should read the mailing list, they should spend time
to understand dwm ... that's not the easy way, but it gives power to
the dwm community. Everyone is involved and dwm will grow stronger and
better every day.

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