[dwm] application open in main window only

From: Jacek Hoffman <jhoffman_AT_ippt.gov.pl>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 22:27:03 +0100 (CET)

I'm using dwm-4.7 on debian lenny.
After small customization (Mod4, cycling thru tags by Mod+Left/Right,...)
it has everything I need from wm.

At present it is dual-head configuration using xrandr: laptop + another
1024x768 15" monitor right hand side of it.
On such small monitors the present version of dwm is enough and I'm quite
happy with it.
My only "multihead tweak" was:
#define MWFACT 0.5
according to monitors width.

My question:
is it possible to force some applications (or all of them) in tiling mode
to open their windows only in the left hand side (main window) even when
no other window is open?
Sometimes I have to use some placeholder (browser new window, empty xterm
or Mod+0)

I can live without it, so it is my curiosity only.

Jacek Hoffman

ps. I have the same problems with urxvt resizing as Joseph Xu
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