[dwm] new layouts: itile and stack

From: Enno \ <gottox_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 19:14:57 +0100


Today I hacked two new layouts:

itile: This layout looks very similiar to tile in the dwm
distribution. It manages the space more efficient when using windows
with size hints.

stack: Stack is my favorite everyday layout. The algorithm is similiar
to itile, but it stacks the windows like this:

| |

stack supports a special feature for video players like mplayer when
using sizehints. If the mplayer window is small enough it will be
located at the left of the following window:

| |

There is still some very minor issues to the itile algorythm, but I'm
very satified with the stack layout.

You can find theses layouts in my dwm branch, which is based on dwm
tip from "Mon Feb 18 17:08:22 2008 +0000" (newest atm)

test it:
   hg clone https://s01.de/~gottox/hg/dwm
   cd dwm
   startx $PWD/dwm -- :1


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