Re: [dwm] Different window modes on different workspaces

From: Jonny Gerold <>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 19:31:13 -0700

I'm not a big patcher/coder. I know you're probably busy, but I might as
well ask. I was wondering if you could patch it for me? I get what
you're saying, but am not skilled enough to implement it. The thing is
that I don't need 99 different workspaces...hehe. If you have some extra
time or whatnot I would really appreciate the un-dynamic features that I
requested. I have since switched back to dwm just because the dynamic
amount of workspaces seems a little over the top for me, and I need to
see what workspace has open windows and such. Thanks for the reply, and
I will see what I can do, but I doubt I will get it to work how I want it.
Thanks, Jonny

Christian Garbs wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 07:28:49PM -0700, Jonny Gerold wrote:
>> Godsend,
>> I luv it... The only thing is that I would like all the workspaces
>> displayed at the top instead of 1/2 etc... ie. (1 2 3...) But This is
>> exactly what I was looking for, and I figure that it's just a patch that
>> I need to remove or something? Or is this even possible?
> Of course it's possible, this is computer science :-)
> You should take a look at the workspace-patch. There you can make the
> relevant changes - but don't change too much or the following
> perworkspace-patch won't apply cleanly...
> The workspaces are implemented with a dynamic amount of workspaces.
> You can create and remove workspaces, which does not mix very well
> with a static display of all workspaces in the status bar.
> To get your desired behaviour, you should do the following:
> - set the initial number of workspaces to your liking
> - remove keybindings for creation and deletion of workspaces
> - revert the drawbar function to the old behaviour without the
> workspaces patch but beware that you don't have a tag array any
> more. If ordinal numbers as workspace names are ok, then this is
> easy to fix, just print the numbers when the boxes are drawn.
> If you really need text ("1 2 3 www irc"), you need to (re)create
> some sort of (tags)array and use it to fill the boxes.
> That should kind of work.
> Regards,
> Christian
> PS: I won't include this into my patchset because I heavily rely on
> dynamic workspace creation (this is the dynamic window manager,
> after all :-) and managing two different codebases becomes quite a
> hassle when other patches get stacked on top...
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