Re: [dwm] a lone client could be borderless

From: Ralph E. Carter <>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 17:46:46 -0400

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> Subject: Re: [dwm] a lone client could be borderless
> On 3/21/08, markus schnalke wrote:
>> But anyway, special corner case handling leads to bad code. It
>> conflicts with generality, which is one of the design principles.

I understand. My principle would be "the border only appears when needed".

> if you look into the code then you will realise that the 'one tiled
> client' case is handled specially anyway
> (there is a 'if (--n==0)' branch)
> in my setup if (n == 1) then layout falls back to monocle (which is borderless)

Thanks to your hint, I did it.

In dwm.c:
In tileh() and tilev(), call monocle:

        if(--n == 0) {

In monocle(), adjust as discussed above:

                        resize(c, mox - c->bw, moy - c->bw, mow, moh, RESIZEHINTS);

(It is here that the multi-monitor behavior might be affected. I don't know.
Have you tried this on multi-monitors?)

Now my dwm-4.9 appears to be perfect.
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