Re: [dwm] controlling dwm via emacs

From: Oliver Heins <>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 02:12:55 +0100

Oliver Heins <> writes:

> "John S. Yates, Jr." <> writes:
>> I have some vague recollection of someone posting a library for emacs to
>> control a tiling WM. I thought that that WM was dwm. Googling around, even
>> substituting wmii, awesome, xmonad, etc I have found no trace of such a beast.
>> Am I simply mistaken or can anyone provide a pointer?
> I remember something like this for an early version (3?) of wmii.
> However, it wasn't really usable, and I think the author (who I don't
> remember) removed the code from his website.

I found some code on my harddisk, which I can send to you if you want

;;;; elisp for managing the wmii-3 window manager

;; by Phil Hagelberg

;;; Installation

;; Launch wmii your normal way through .xinitrc, .Xsession, or
;; whatever. Then set your wmiirc to just do "emacs -l
;; ~/.emacs.d/wmii.el" after it's done all the config stuff you
;; want. I have wmiirc set up stuff like shell variables ($PROGS_FILE)
;; so they can be exported, and then have it launch emacs.

;; see also:

However, the url isn't valid anymore.


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