Re: [dwm] Fibonacci in 4.8?

From: John Li <>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 09:32:02 -0400

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 01:57:03PM +0100, Jordi Marine wrote:
> just for curiosity, is someone working using fibonacci layout?

Yup, I started today and so far I like it a lot. I'm using it in the way
I described in my long-winded message sent a week ago ("random wm
thoughts"). Paste with slight editing:

- The default layouts for dwm (excluding floating) only has windows of
  (at most) two sizes - the size of the master-area window and the size
  of tile-area window(s). This can often result in non-optimal
  arrangements. If I want to watch a wget download progress bar, I give
  a huge amount of pixels to a window that requires only a few, while
  another window (the same size as the wget window) may be starving for
  screen space.

  A possible solution? I use the "push" patch which allows the user to adjust the
  window ordering in the clients list. If there was a layout with
  variable-sized tile-area windows (e.g., smaller windows near the top
  of the stack), one could push the status-bar-like windows to the top
  and have the windows that can use more space at the bottom. Yes, this
  makes dwm less dynamic, but I think more flexible.

  I just looked at the patches list again, and it seems like this could
  work well with the fibonacci layouts[2]. Sadly, it hasn't been updated
  since 4.6 and I hardly know C.

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