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As promised (threatened?), here's my new chunk of C code.
What you get:
. libcdecode - decode library. Converts from asciidoc-style markup
into either chunks of html (for the wiki) or docbook5 xml files for
to pdf,etc.

. cwiki - wiki program. Uses sqlite for the backend, and can be run
through fastcgi. supports history, subtopics, caching, renames, deletes
undeletes) and thats about it.

. cdoc - asciidoc style documentation generation program. basically a very
wrapper over libcdecode.

its all C, and its all under the mit license, and I hope its all relatively
so knock yourself out.


Gauging LoC is somewhat hard, since I am a proponent of literate
programming (and hence the
.c files are all generated), but libcdecode's C files weigh in at ~1450loc.
cdoc is 80 lines
and cwiki ~1100 lines. Of course, the fact I like to put { and } on their
own lines isn't going
to help, but I digress. Perhaps I should try counting ;'s.

Archie Elberling.
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