[dwm] xinerama idx patch

From: pancake <pancake_AT_youterm.com>
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2008 13:43:13 +0200

I have found in the xinerama source that the screen index is hardcoded
to 0. I think this should use a define in config.h to choose which is
the selected xinerama screen you want to use as 'main'.

Here's the patch:


#define XINERAMA_IDX 0


updategeom(void) {
        int i;
        XineramaScreenInfo *info = NULL;

        /* window area geometry */
        if(XineramaIsActive(dpy)) {
                info = XineramaQueryScreens(dpy, &i);
                wx = info[XINERAMA_IDX].x_org;
                wy = showbar && topbar ? info[XINERAMA_IDX].y_org + bh :
                ww = info[XINERAMA_IDX].width;
                wh = showbar ? info[XINERAMA_IDX].height - bh :

I use XINERAMA_IDX=1 (because i prefer my right screen than left one)

PD: I think that expanding the master and slave area on more than one
screen is anoying. I would prefer to have a single screen with another
external one for floating windows.
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