Re: [dwm] pertag for dwm-5.0.1

From: Fredrik Ternerot <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 17:47:24 +0200

Doh, and now the diff should be attached too. Sorry.


On 6/29/08, Fredrik Ternerot <> wrote:
> I found out that dwm-5.0-pertag.diff (from did not work
> for dwm-5.0.1 at all, so I wrote my own modifications to get layout
> and mfact stored per tag. I attach an diff if anyone is interested.
> From a user perspective, it works as a expected when only one tag is
> viewed. If more tags are added to the view, the layout and mfact will
> not change, i.e., the values for the tag first shown will be used. The
> "tag first shown" (or maintag as it is called in code) is also
> remembered when switching to previous tagset (MODKEY-tab).
> /Fredrik

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