Re: [dwm] [OT] Which "dragon book": red or green?

From: Charlie Kester <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 15:54:53 -0700

* markus schnalke <> [2008-06-28 16:56:12 +0200]:

>Hoi Community,
>I want to buy a book about compilers and heard of the "Dragon Books"
>which should be the right choice.
>Because I dont want to afford more than one, I have to choose:
>- Principles of Compiler Design (1977, the "Green Dragon Book"), by
> Alfred V. Aho and Jeffrey D. Ullman
>- Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools First Edition (1986,
> the "Red Dragon Book"), by Alfred V. Aho, Ravi Sethi and Jeffrey D.
> Ullman
>(I dont want the newest one from 2006.)
>Are there any suggestions, which one to take?

I'd also vote for the red one. It's a classic.

But there are more up-to-date books on compilers, and there might
be more easily digested introductions. It's hard to give good
advice without knowing more about your purposes.
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