[dwm] The answer to Anselm

From: QUINTIN Guillaume <coincoin169g_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 05:10:07 +0200

Well, I figured out how works (I hope) the mailing list !


> Hmm, how would an action argument to arrange() help? What might
> this argument look like?

The first idea that pops in my head is to have 3 arguments. An int one
which is an ID defining the action performed on the window :

#define TAG_WINDOW 3
#define UNTAG_WINDOW 4
and so on ....

The second argument is of type Client*. It represents the window. And
the third argument is a parameter depending on what action is performed.
This way my patch can hold in a separate file. Only the resizemouse
function is altered. We can imagine some lt->resizemouse function, but
does that correspond to the philosophy of dwm ? Because, like I said it
would be the first step to support plugins, and, to continue into this
way, all functions that performs actions on windows like togglefloating,
toggletag, mousemove, mouseresize, ... should be "lt->"-ed.

> Well as I told, the wmii column layout is rather static, because
> it keeps certain clients at a fixed position (in a specific
> column, at a specific position)
> [...]
> And that's it already.

You can move the windows into the column you want, you can change the
windows' orders in each column and their sizes within the columns. Plus
the layout is "pertag"-ed. I don't understand why you think that the
layout is static ? When no window are moved it acts exactly like the
tile layout ! Only some wzoom function is missing but it is trivial to
add it. So the wmii layout adds in some ways more functionalities to the
tile layout thus it should be considered "less static" than the tile layout.

Do you plan to :
* have a "pertag"-ed wmii layout ?
* resize each window ?
* move window into column ?
* move windows' order within columns ?

Why should the wmii layout be restricted to 3 columns ?
When I work on a 22" screen I like to have 4 or 5 columns. It has
already happened.

The way you describe how windows are added into the columns is like mine
expect when there is only one column, but a simple modification in wadd
will make it.

Why restrict the number of windows in a column ?

What you want to do seems a lot like the tilecols layout contained in
the nmaster patch to me. And that is not what I wanted.

> In contrast to this, dwm is designed for layouts which are totally
> independent from clients itself.

> There might be some ways to deal with a wmii-like approach in
> dwm, however they always will end up in heavy patching.

Well, I agree that the clients linked list is not designed to do what I
want to do. But I don't think that my patch is heavy patching. There is
probably a better way to interact with dwm code.

Kind regards,
QUINTIN Guillaume
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