Re: [dwm] patch to store layouts per tagset

From: Alexander Polakov <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008 09:25:40 +0400

* Christoph Schied <> [080707 16:21]:
> - shows all windownames in the statusbar (this is nice for the maximized
> layout, as you wouldnt see there are multiple windows on that tag
> otherweise). that stuff is a little bit messy, id like to see
> suggestions how to make that better. it uses a defined maximum length
> for the title, and if the length of all windownames gets too long, the
> title will not be drawn.

You can take a look at my old code [1] for this. It divides statusbar
into 'taskbar' and 'status' area, so status can be hidden. Taskbar
scales well for many windows. Here's a screenie [2].


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